About Lisa

Lisa Gane is a Faith-Driven child of God who tries to dedicate her Life to helping others Live Stress-Free Lives through a Biblical Way and cares deeply about the overall Health everyone working with them through their Mind, Body and Spirit.  Lisa works with each Client to get all three aspects to work together in Harmony in their Lives so they can feel a sense of Peace within themselves.

Lisa has helped many people Get Healthy and feel great about themselves but by doing it the All-Natural Way, Clients feel better about themselves and when they feel better they start to Live a better and Healthier Way of Living, Lisa’s Clients feel Younger with their new found sense of Energy , and Lisa keeps it going by showing them that Living a Healthy Lifestyle is all about Changing your habits and renewing your mind daily to Positive Thinking. Lisa also helps people reduce the stress in their Lives by showing them ways of Meditation, Mindfulness, Simple Living, DIY everything. Through all these different methods they learn to calm their minds and bodies down so that they can learn to respond and not react to the World or any stressors going on within their lives.

Lisa is a devoted Child of God, and has gone through many struggles and sufferings in her own Life that lasted for Years, leaving her with Anxiety Attacks and Depression. She has grown with the Lord and has transformed her Life and now is dedicated her Life to the Lord and does anything she can to help others who feel that their Life is going No where and that they have No Hope. There is always Hope, and Lisa teaches her clients to never give up on Hope in the Lord. Lisa has grown and transformed her Life to help others, to serve others and help those in need and feeling their is no way OUT, it is a horrible feeling that leads right to Depression and soon from there if not treated could get worse.

Lisa loves to meet new people and help and serve where ever she can, she has brought her tips to this blogging site so that many can learn how to Live a Life with Less Stress.

Balancing Your Life through your Mind, Body and Spirit is the Key to Peace, and Lisa wants to be able to give that Key to everyone so they too can unlock their Minds and Spirit and see that with just some Help from one who has lived through it all, you too can have the Peace and Joy that Lisa now lives with.

Just don’t exist in this World, Live everyday to the fullest making Memories every moment of the Day!!!!


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