De-Stressing in 7 Different Ways………


Ever had one of those nights when you just haven’t been able to sleep due to pile loads of work, or just because your brain won’t stop offering countless solution-less issues & ‘wake’ up to another morning filled with tons of mishaps to come? Your stress rockets and so does your blood pressure. If only you could distress a little bit & refresh yourself, boosting yourself to take whatever comes next.. a little more calmly…?

Here are a seven ways for you to DE STRESS!

1. Go for a walk

I know living in Jedd ah, especially if you’re not in a compound, this can be slightly hard to do. But get up and walk around, even if it’s just to get some water. The point is to get yourself a small break from whatever’s piling up at your desk, or any immediate source of stress. Sometimes, a few minutes are all you need to gather your thoughts and gain some perspective!

2. Read some fiction

Don’t be so skeptical. Books give you the power of imagination which can take you anywhere – far away from where you’d rather not be. Anything funny or uplifting is great so it’ll boost your mood and help you be in a better position to deal with everything. So for a few minutes, you can forget what’s troubling you, as you concentrate on the story.

3. Take a hot shower/bath

Light some candles, especially if you can get ones that are scented with lavender because it’s known to have soothing effects. It might be a long shot, but play some calming music if you can, and relax yourself as you cleanse, not just your body, but also your mind in a way. 

4. Make yourself some Herbal Tea

Something that smells good and gives off a warming effect. Step away from the work you’re doing and brew yourself some. Then sit down and take each sip slowly. FYI, stay away from the caffeine – that means no coffee or tea. You’ll probably even feel better by nurturing yourself.

5. Watch a Funny Video

You know those mottos that go like ‘laughter is the best medicine’? Well, they’re sort of right. Go watch something that gives you a laugh! Even it’s just a random episode of FRIENDS, or something. You’ll find that once you return to your work, you’ll feel a lot better!

6. Meditate or pray

Just stop what you’re doing to de-stress instantly. Put some minutes aside sit in meditation. Sit back upstraight, hands on your thighs, close your eyes and let your mind go astray. Also, go and pray. Read some Qur’an. It can have a very powerful and soothing effect.


Sometimes you need to realize that there’s a time for everything. You can’t do every single thing there is out there. When we get stressed, we end up breathing quickly. So take some time out and focus on your breathing. Take slow, deep and fulfilling breaths.

Other than all that, try to sleep adequately and eat right. Lack of proper sleep and a balanced diet can really mess with your stress levels, so make sure you prioritize accordingly! :)


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