Admit and Recgonize Your Stress

I am or was the Queen of STRESS……I always reacted instead of properly RESPONDING to Stress, and that is a skill that I am still working on and probably will be for the rest of my Life along with more then half the World. It is so sad that more then half of the World has fallen victims to this horrible feeling in your body that is now affecting you in so many horrible and deadly ways. Ever wonder the kinds of effects stress can have on the body and your everyday life? Stress is recognized as the #1 proxy killer disease today. The American Medical Association has noted that stress is the basic cause of more than 60% of all human illness and disease. That is one of the Scariest Facts to know since I have been a Victim of Stress in such a Big Way, but I am determined to reduce my stress through natural and biblical Ways. I am going to try my best to help and guide you along with me , We need and deserve to live ……STRESS-FREE LIVES!!!!!  First , check out this image and see how Stress affects your body.


Sometimes we try to say that it is everyone Else’s fault we are Stressed.

If only my husband would help me out more, If my kids would just clean up and be more responsible, If my husand was more attentive to my feelings, if I had the money to pay the bills, if my loved ones were not always sick, if my kids would please stop arguing, if my car would start everyday with no problems, If my credit line was better then I could buy what I need and want, If my friend had not betrayed me, if I had not failed, if I had made that deadline, and the list goes on and on.

Have you ever found yourself thinking any of these “IF” statements?  Feeling confident that “IF” ________were different , Your li would not be so stressed??   I have, and my What If became a Habit that eventually caused me to become convinced that people and circumstances in my life were fully to blame for all my stressed out life. It was very said when I finally RECOGNIZED THAT…..

I was so used to pointing fingers at everyone else for my stress — focusing on what what was wrong with my life instead of the Joy in my Life, obsessing over every circumstance turned me into a frustrated, frazzled, overworked, overwhelmed woman.

The day finally came when I found myself at the end of my Rope….and that was during a Bible Study when I realized that I had been so focused on my own “Life” that I had taken my eyes off the one who had given me the Life to begin with.

saying yes to god less stress

Over that period of time during that particular Bible Study , I  prayed and prayed which I know increased my Faith. Jesus helped me to understand that Life will always be full of issues, circumstances, ups and downs, and what I really needed to Change was ME……I had to accept that and let the Lord do what he needed to do within in me, I had to surrender all my broken pieces to him  in complete Faith, and once I accepted that Truth I was able to stop pointing fingers at others and look to God’s Word for my STRESS RELIEF.

Please do not wait till Life has taken over you and your so overwhelmed that stress is taking its toll in more ways then one on You like I did, Reach up to the Lord now so he can come down and rescue you. You have to first Recognize and admit that you have a problem with stress that is so deeply rooted in your heart and your just at the end of your Rope. The Lord will is waiting for you to let go and drop right into his arms. I know how bad you may think your life is , that it is to impossible to fix but God is Possible of the Impossible, believe me, if he could relieve me of my Stress thru his Word, then he can help you too.  Go to the Bible and not the Doctor for medication for that stress, that will only mask and hide the symptoms of your stress, get the real relief, the true healing , the Word of Jesus is the True Stress Relief!!!  Let God take the Wheel from here, for he is the one who is in ultimate Control and always has been.

with god all things are possible  banner




Dear Jesus, I am so guilty of letting my Life get out of control and full of stress and then blaming everyone else but the one who was really causing it all and that was me, Please Forgive me for focusing on my issues, circumstances in Life and forgetting that you are the True Healer , the One in Control. You can take my Impossible situations and turn them into Positive Possible Life events that would bring me Peace through your Love. I did loose Faith for I lost my focus on you. I commit to keep my eyes focused on you , and know that you are the only one who can give me true Peace that runs through my body and releases all the stress through your Word. I commit to Trust you with my whole heart , help me to never quit through my Journey of becoming less stressed by allowing your unconditional love claim my heart and change me from the inside out. In your name , Amen.


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