Can Stress Kill You?!

Loved this, really shows what Stress can do to people if not in control and Self Disciplined enough to learn how to respond properly to Stress and not react. The Bible and Meditation has been a Life Saver for me as I have clawed my way out of the pit of Stress living life. It can be done, Get Healthy now by learning how to Stress-Less!!!!!


The neuroendocrine and physiological systems related to pain and stress have long been subjected to study, and seems to be more harmful than previous thought. But, more recently, the corresponding systems promoting anti-stress and restoration have also come into focus. It is not only important to investigate the mechanisms underlying disease but also to examine the physiological and psychological mechanisms which protect and heal the body and soul. The nonapeptide oxytocin, originally known to stimulate labour and milk ejection, appears to play an interesting and important role in this regard. A hug may save your life..?

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