Can’t Beat them Join Them……

Let’s Celebrate Winter instead of complaining about it…….come on folks.

Some ideas to get you and keep you busy in the Winter, Snacks, why not make from scratch with family (Just like they did years ago) Get some Inspiration from online….Plenty of Healthy homemade snack sites such as

Challenge a family member to make a Snow Angel………snow2520angel

Catch snowflakes on dark fabric and place in the freezer for 10 minutes and analyze with a magnifying glass.

Learn a new snow activity that starts with the letter S but it cant be skating, sledding, snowboarding, or skiing…..good luck!!!!!!

Search or animal tracks in the snow and see where they lead you but be careful of the Polar Bears lol

Have a Cookie decorating party with all white cookies just like snow….

Celebrate Winter Solstice –the darkest day of the year on the 22nd of January and maybe have dinner over candlelight.

Can’t forget the Ultimate Snowball Fights, they should keep you busy for a while!!!!! Have a Blast with that.

Donate old coats that no one wears anymore to kids or adults who don’t have any coats to keep them warm this winter, what a great idea and it teaches your kids about giving to others in need….Win Win!!!!

Join NetFlix, since you may be in the house more then usual, try it out…..check it out at

The Ultimate Snow days off from school, Stay in your PJ’s all day and just hang out at home and do whatever ……play board games, drink hot cocoa, watch movies, just relax!!!!!

When snow days are over—get back out there and take a walk with your family and enjoy that cold crisp air on your faces. Great way to hang out together and just catch up.

Experiment in the kitchen and try a new soup or chili recipe…that should be good!!!!!

The Ultimate make a Snow Fort!!!!! That is a Winter Must.snow-fort-21

snow fort

and of course how could we get thru the Winter Snow without building the Ultimate Snowman!!!!!! snowman-top630

I hope that you enjoy your Winter Snow days, don’t complain about it being cold, just enjoy it because before you know it, it will be spring then summer and we will be complaining its too hot out…..are you seeing a pattern here. WE are always complaining instead of just enjoying the season and time we are in right now in the present moments of our lives. Live them, Enjoy them, take tons of pictures and remember them.


Seasons Change for Stress Less with Lisa

Have you ever stopped in the middle of a hectic day just to think for a moment, as you feel your stress creeping up on you? We all day dream once in a while, of treating ourselves to a special indulgence. For some of us, all it would take to rid ourselves of the day to day stress is a nice hot bath or good book and a few spare moments to read a few chapters. Some dream of relaxing by a pool or having your back rubbed with oils, treating your thirsty skin to a good hydrating scrub.

We don’t always have the luxury of taking off for the day to a spa or a week-end get-away. But there are ways of enjoying the luxury of a relaxing spa treatment in your own home and at very low costs and that is what Stress Less with Lisa is all about. Get ready for some DIY Spa Products along with some great ways of relieving your financial stress by making your own Cleaning Products, Laundry Products so you will see a huge savings in the pocketbook along with some great relieving of stress by making your own products…..I find it very Stress Relieving to be making my own creations.

Along with the DIY Products, Stress Less with Lisa is also going to be getting into Essential Oils and Herbs. We will be getting into how to make some of are very own Herbal Remedies. Learning how the Oils can do for you what the pharmacy charges you for. I am very excited to be getting into a whole new Season of my Life , and I am more then looking forward to sharing with you all the great Healthy and Less Expensive ways of Living. I will be bringing my Life back to the Simple Way of Living and will be sharing with you my Journey as I go through my Blog and website.

So get yourself ready for whole new Stress Less with Lisa coming soon along with Stress Less Products, Herbs, Articles and Great and Fun Ways of Living a Life with Less Stress via Mediation , Mindfulness, Healthier Eating, Time-management, Learning to Balance your Life through your Mind, Body and Soul. Going back to the Simple ways of Living in this day and age. I am so looking forward to getting to know everyone better, Forming some new and strengthening some old relationships , I hope to give everyone some great tips on how to save money, learn new ways of making your own Healthy products. There is going to be alittle bit of everything from Stress Less with Lisa but of course the core foundation of everything I do is going to be to Glorify the Lord Jesus Christ for without him, I would not even have been able to do this. I am very excited for this new Venture in my Life and I do hope that you enjoy as much as I am going too…….

And Jesus said to him, “‘If you can’! All things are possible for one who believes.” MARK 9:23


Time Management

So many people say that they have no time, that there are no enough hours in the day and yet often, when they are really busy, are amazed, incredulous at how much they actually manage to get done. The saying, ‘if you want something doing ask a busy person’ rings true. A busy person tends not to waste time procrastinating, mulling over where to start or considering what steps they need to take. They simply get on and do it.

With this in mind, let’s look at five top tips for better time management:

1. Prioritize.

It can be all too easy to instantly react to other people’s emergencies and demands and, on occasion, that might be appropriate. However, as a general rule try to identify your own immediate requirements, followed by prioritizing them into a reasonable order. That way you can see clearly what you need to do. If new, unexpected items crop up you can modify your list, but you will have more control over how you allocate your time. A list of some kind can help you to organise your thoughts and time more effectively.

2. Be aware of how much time you fritter and waste.

It’s a fact that many people fill their time with what needs to be done, so a simple task may take thirty minutes or half a day, dependent on how much time is available. Some people fritter time by watching TV; they may want to catch up with the news and then start watching other programmes or decide to take a break and watch a programme over coffee or lunch. Others will make repeat journeys to the supermarket for single items when being organised and making a shopping list for one larger shop would save them lots of time.

Focus fully on each task in hand.

Giving your full attention to one task at a time and remaining undistracted allows you to concentrate properly, stay present, focussed, be more efficient and achieve a better use of your time and efforts.

4. Delegate.

Some tasks or parts of a task can often be done satisfactorily by another person. It may mean that initially time has to be taken in training others or writing out processes and procedures but that use of your time can clarify procedures in your own mind and benefit you well in the future. Delegating tasks gives others a feeling of responsibility, potentially makes their job more interesting and teaches them new skills.

5. When you leave a piece of work make clear notes as to what you’ve already worked on, the actions that have been taken, where you’re up to.

It is time-consuming to return to a file weeks or months later and have to start wading through lots of notes to determine exactly what’s been done. A clear summary at the front of a file can save a lot of time, effort and potential embarrassment at looking inefficient. Nothing wastes time like disarray and messy systems. Also neat and tidy systems help you to organise your work in the most efficient way. De cluttering, archiving old, outdated files away from relevant operational information pays dividends in efficiency, productivity and clarity of focus.

Time management also means allowing yourself time for fun, a break, relaxation. Diary in valuable time for yourself in the same way you would for a respected, valued client. Also be sure to stop and give yourself credit when you’ve completed an important task or project. Enjoy each achievement rather than swiftly moving from one job to the next. Give yourself credit along the way.

Dealing with Difficult People

Dealing with difficult people can be one of Life’s toughest problems. The biggest thing to consider is that you have the power to control your own emotions. Often times difficult people try to wrap you up in their drama. The old saying “Misery Loves Company” rings true.


At times it happens that a difficult co-worker creates problems for you while at work, it could be something like doing things his own way without even asking you that whether you are comfortable or not. There are different kinds of difficult people and all of them are not easy to deal with. These people not only make the environment tough but also disturb others by performing such acts that are difficult to cope with under normal circumstance. It is sometimes very hard to make these people realize that what they are doing is wrong. Different types of  people have different set of tendencies and they can change it with the passage of time as human psychology is full of possibilities and can do wonders when it comes to behavior and making other friends. The simple rule of law in this regard is that a person you cannot deal in a positive way is a difficult person and all of us come across this kind on a daily basis. It is also to be noted that psychology sometimes derives such rules or laws that tare far from reality or actuality. It is also worth mentioning that all sorts of difficult and hard tendencies can be found in the people who are our friends , relatives or even loved ones. These could a negative imaged friend , aggressive boss , a complainer , a yes boss personality which could be also be a called as super agreeable , a person considering himself a jack of all trades  when actually he knows nothing, a person having negative thought or pessimist and the most peril types is the one who fears in making decision especially thinking that someone would be unhappy.  I will now present seven of the most wanted and workable tips that would not only make your life easier but will also allow you to deal with all kinds of people.


Make sure your not one of them…….

Weird but a real phenomenon , most of us are never ready to accept that we are a difficult personality and always believe in the wrong fact that we always create possibilities for others to come forward without any issue but actually we never do so. Our attitude and the patience should be such that it demonstrates the highest level of patience and satisfaction from the opposite side. These are the factors that decide our personality and comfort level with others. Corporate or the the business world is a place that has no emotion and feelings so people are never concerned about the personal problems. To  be successful in all walks of life you should have a welcoming attitude for others.


Listen to the issues carefully……

It is one of the most important factors that lead to resistance from the opposite side and eventually makes a person difficult to deal. People often think that they are not understood by the others and they are not aware of the issues of the problems that are being faced. The best way to make them feel that the information they are giving is correct , however it is advised to validate the information before moving ahead. It is most suitable and easy way to deal with all sorts of difficult people.


Firm Attitude……

Difficult people always misunderstand the facts, procedures, and policies, this sort of situation is never helpful under and circumstances and always leads to disagreement and stern opposition when satisfaction level is not met. In this situation it is always advised to let them know the facts in a kind and polite way , this would not only clear the ambiguities but will also build their confidence . The truth is always better then a promise that is never fulfilled or any other excuse in this regard.


Never Resist…….

It is an established fact that resisting the boss , employee or co-workers is never liked by the organization. It is proven law of human psychology that people tend to resist more when they face resistance themselves. In case of difficult people the situation or the scenario could be even more complex and difficult . It is advised to never show resistance of any kind while dealing with  these people. Always listen to the point of view of others and make them realize that you are the one with a solution. It will not only strengthen the bond but will also allow you proceed in a calm and friendly manner.


Don’t Be Silent……

This type of situation makes a person think that you are not interested in what is being said, It could also be called a type of resistance that makes people uncomfortable . Acknowledgement is what people always want to have and if you nod your head yes then it makes them feel that they are at the right place to explain the issue. If silence is not broken then a common conclusion is never attained an neither of the parties will accept the point of view of  the other.


Know the Results….

While dealing with other people know what the outcome would be and try to convince them in a calm manner. If the results are known  then 50% resolution has been attained without any issue. The art of letting them know will also make it possible to resolve the remaining 50% . Validation in a positive way will never make them feel that there is no resolution and the discussion was worthless.


Utter facts and make them believe in them…..

Difficult people are 90% negative and often use the word never or it is never possible. In order to deal with this negativity it is always required to continue a fact based discussion and also make it possible for them to switch. Make them realize that use of the extreme terms will never resolve the issue. It is also recommended to know the issue before hand so that you can help yourself in gathering the required information.

Morning Mediation Can Start your Day Positive

When you wake up late and start your day crazed, you can be sure that the rest of your day will follow suit. In the same vein, it’s equally incredible how a quick morning meditation can shift you away from a case of the cuckoos and back to your centered self — ready to embrace the day! Some might scoff at the concept of taking a significant amount of time in the morning to do nothing but sit in silence, but it can be a truly transformative time.

  • You’ll breathe better all day long: So many days the clock can strike noon, and you realize you haven’t taken one really deep breath since you woke up. Starting your day off with these full body breaths instantly relieves nerves and leaves you with a sense of calm. Calling this attention to your breath will keep your stamina up and your head clear for the duration of your day.
  • You’re giving your bod a treat: It just plain feels good! Forcing yourself to cool your jets and sit for even five or 10 minutes may seem like a struggle, but practice makes perfect, and it will give back tenfold. You’re busy helping everyone all day long; you need to give yourself a little love too.
  • You’re setting an intention: Waking up, pressing play, and going all day long may seem like a productive jump-start, but a racing mind does you far more harm than good. If you feel like you’re on a constant wheel every morning, taking this time and celebrating your day will keep you feeling positive and purposeful.


Is it Really Making a Mistake??

Sometimes life brings us to pivotal points in our lives by pulling our lives down around our ankles; leaving us exposed, vulnerable, and very, very unprepared for the changes it demands/requires/expects. We’re all pretty familiar with what I mean; the late night phone call, the letter left on the kitchen table, the empty bed at the hospital, that discovery, that decision that plunges us headlong into traumatic turmoil. That is a post for another day…

Other times, life offers us quieter, subtler, and much more easily ignored moments at the crossroads. Those moments when we can choose to re-evaluate, re-vamp, and select our path with more clarity, more wisdom, and make the so-called ‘right’ choices, or not. So, how is that we seem to miss these ‘opportunities’, and why?

Too subtle? Perhaps. Too gradual? Maybe. Too close to home? Denial? Laziness? Fear? Rebellion? Naivety? How about we just chalk it up to a bit of all of those things and a host of others as well, shall we?? That’s been my experience, at least…

Beyond that though, is my own personal truth about these moments… Regardless of all other factors involved; I can (and have) quite easily look a warning sign square in the face, nod in recognition and respect, and then simply refuse to actually see it…

I have managed an uncanny knack for reading a situation quite accurately, often even putting it down in pen and ink and then still selecting to jump in, only to wake up at some point down the road with the audacity to ask; “Why wasn’t I warned?” or “Why didn’t I know?”

Oh, no; I’m not joking, or bragging either… As a pretty regular journal keeper of many a year; it has amused, amazed, confused, and irritated me just how well I have done this from time to time…

I used to take quite the offense to this. Full of self regret and loathing for another wrong move, I’d berate myself with vigor. True to form, I’d eventually get around to asking; “Am I just stupid or crazy, or both??” (Okay, you– don’t answer that!!) ;)

Seriously though, I tended to be very hard on myself. How could I make that mistake? Why did I make that decision? How did I get myself into this situation? How do I get out of it? Why didn’t I heed that very big Red Flag as it waved high and loud above my head?? Hell, it wasn’t even one Red Flag; it was an entire ocean of them and I jumped straight into the deep-throwing every single precaution to the wind as I did so!!!

Sigh… Ever been there?

Now, I’ve come to realize that when I see the signs, recognize the warnings, sense the danger, and jump in headlong anyway; it’s not so much that I’m hellbent on disaster or being truly foolhardy (although I’m sure there are those who’d beg to differ-and that’s okay too)… Instead, I do it because my heart and/or my soul, sense a lesson I need to learn or an experience I need to grow from or in- a moment I need to be a part of and really feel so that it can bring more clarity, more wisdom, more understanding somehow. Someday.

I’ve found that the discovery of various patterns of behavior can offer some tremendously revealing insight…

I am apparently a hands-on learner…and a slow one at that, sometimes… ;) Sometimes, I just learn best by doing…

The awareness that I make or have made ‘bad’ choices or decisions has begun to upset me less and less. It seldom sends me into the crucify/defend modes of old. Good thing too; because I am still finding behaviors and actions, decisions and thought patterns that are not for my highest good. In fact, I’m much more likely to muck around in the deep now looking for them, seeking them out so that I can work on them, through them and finally, release them.

Are they mistakes? Depends on who you ask. I’m not here to sugar coat it and BS is not my style. I have made and do sometimes continue to make less than stellar decisions, let’s be clear about that. Sometimes, it’s still in grand style too… But, I’m so very tired of beating myself up over them. They may not make much sense to you, or to me either for that matter; but I assure you there is a reason for them- even if it’s simply because I need/ed the growth experience provided.

A Colourful Mistake…

I must say, it’s rather amazing what happens when I take full responsibility for making a decision and refuse to throw myself under the mistake ‘bus’ when it doesn’t turn out. When I can calmly say; “Yes. Yes, I chose that. I’ve learned a lot from the experience.” -suddenly, the guilt falls away! The inner criticism recedes, the judgement slides right on past, and I’m left feeling pretty damn good! Not because I’m happy with the choice, or situation, but because I’ve gotten something from it and didn’t beat myself up over it.

When I give myself the freedom to LIVE and to grow, it’s positively exhilarating! Especially when I truly realize that it’s my choice to make the decision and to learn from it. ;)

Way back when, before I got so good at making ‘mistakes’; I didn’t understand others who made choices it seemed they really should know better about making. It was much harder for me to empathize or relate. I had trouble connecting to their plight, grasping the truth of their heart in peril. I sure do get it now… ;)

Perhaps that was precisely the point all along. To open not only my mind to the realization that mistakes are only truly mistakes if you believe that they are and you don’t allow yourself to learn from them; but also to open my heart more readily to the situations of others and get a glimpse of what it’s like to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.

Releasing myself from the concept of making ‘mistakes’ and turning more towards the idea of ‘selecting my learning experiences’ has allowed me to open up and ask myself these questions;

Did I learn from this?”

What did I learn here?”

“What did I gain in/from this?”

“What am I grateful for in this?”

As I do this, life becomes increasingly softer and sweeter; one moment, one experience, one piece at a time. So much so, that even when I’m in the midst of a trying/stressful situation I am acutely aware I helped author; I know that I’m learning and I’m growing. Refusing to categorize it as a mistake keeps me present in the moment, keeps me active with it, and keeps me searching for the highest good. When I do that, I know I’m holding myself with loving kindness and I can in turn do that with the situation and others involved with it.

It’s not foolproof or an exact science. I don’t have it ‘down’. That’s okay though. My heart is willing and it stretches to greet the day with openness and possibility…

How can any of that truly be a mistake? ;)

Do You Need to Detox your Body? Find Out if your In Need of a Detox…….

Where Do Toxins Come From?

Toxins come from almost everywhere these days. They can be ingested through your food, breathed in through the air, absorbed through your skin and even created within your body as a result of normal metabolic processes. No matter how clean your diet is, toxins are a daily reality.

That’s why your body was designed to detox. You have an organ of elimination for every organ system, and you have two main detox organs which are your liver and your kidneys. Both your liver and kidneys work to filter substances from your blood and body fluids in order to prepare them for excretion.

Why Detox?

So, if the body is set up to detox, then why would you need to do a detox program? There are several reasons you may choose to participate in a detox program but the main one for most people is that you could have a toxic load within your body that it is not currently capable of or even designed to deal with.

Most of the toxins your body has to deal with on a daily basis such as car exhaust, preservatives, additives and hormones in your food, chemicals in your drinking water, chemicals in home cleaning products and self-care products and so on did not even exist less than 100 years ago. Environmental toxins are one thing, and if you were living off the land with no exposure to man made chemicals your body would most likely never need a detox program. But if you are living in the modern world your body could use some help with the toxic load.

A well planned detox program should be one that supports the innate function of your detoxification systems. That is, it should support your liver, your kidneys, your lymphatic and your digestive systems. It is really about giving your body a boost, not so much about getting it to do something it is not already doing.

Take this Quiz: Top 11 Signs That Your Body May Be Asking For A Detox

If you find you have checked off 1 or more of the signs from this list, it means your body is likely asking you to give it a break! Click here when you’re done taking the quiz for a FREE 1 Day Detox.

1. Constant Food Cravings: If you find that you are continually dealing with food cravings and find it difficult to regulate your eating you may need a simple detox to help regulate your system. Many foods are designed to be addictive and one of the easiest ways to get over the addictive effect is to eliminate them from your system for a period of time.

2. Chronic Inflammation: When the tissues of the body are in a chronic and constant state of inflammation it may be a sign that your body is overloaded. If your body is bogged down with toxins your body won’t have the resources to properly deal with inflammation. It could also be a sign that there are substances in your system that are causing inflammation that need to be cleared out.

3. Gas and Bloating: This is one of the most common signs that the body needs a bit of a break. When you are having constant issues with gas and bloating it can be a sign that your colon has some built up waste and requires some extra support to eliminate. When you are not eliminating properly waste can build up in the colon, causing fermentation which will produce excess gas and lead to bloating.

4. Weakened Immune System: If you are finding that you are starting to catch every bug that is going around the reason may be that your body is dealing with an excess of toxins and just doesn’t have the strength to allocate additional resources to fight infection elsewhere. So, being sick frequently is a red flag that your body has become an environment that facilitates the growth of bacteria and viruses.

5. Poor Sleeping Habits: If you are finding that your sleeping habits are all over the place it could be that your body needs a little reset to help it return to a state of health and wellness. The liver is very active during the hours of 1-3 am, so if you are finding that you often wake up during this time of night it could be a sign that your liver is struggling with its toxic load.

6. Mental Fog: Decreased ability to focus, lack of clear thinking, memory loss and other cognitive symptoms can all be linked to a toxic overload in the body. When your body is clean and clear your mind will generally follow suit.

7. Fatigue and Constant Energy Crashes: If you have a hard time getting up in the morning, find you are dragging by 10 am, and need that afternoon cup of coffee to avoid falling asleep at your desk it may be time for a detox. You should feel good and have constant energy throughout the day and if this is not the case you may need a cleanse.

8. Holiday Eating Has Become A Habit: If you are having a hard time getting off of the holiday eating plan, meaning that you are finding that treats, extra snacks, sweets and large portions have become a mainstay in your diet, you may want to consider doing a little reset to help get you back on the healthy eating track. Having an abrupt interruption of your habits can be one of the easiest ways to break a habit that does not serve your health.

9. Skin Breakouts: The skin is the bodies largest detox organ, and if you find that you are dealing with constant breakouts it is possible that the cause is an over abundance of toxins in your body fighting to get out. Skin issues can also be a sign that you have some hormonal imbalances going on, and doing a simple cleanse can help give you more clarity on what the cause is for you.

10. Sluggish Digestion: If you are finding that you are not eliminating 3 times a day, you may need a detox. An efficient digestive system should be releasing waste as many times a day as you eat. Most people are not eliminating this often and that can lead to built up waste in the system which can produce toxins to be re-absorbed into the bloodstream. Also if you are noticing incomplete breakdown of your food in your stools this can be a sign that your digestive system needs a break and a boost.

11. Poor Moods: If you struggle with low level anxiety, depression, mood fluctuations, short temper or just a general lack of emotional wellbeing it could be time for a little detox. We often store our emotions in our bodies and if we are not fully releasing, those emotions can become stagnant and stuck. An overly toxic body can also lead to improper neurotransmitter function which will effect your moods. If your organs of elimination are sluggish, especially your liver, you may be dealing with blood sugar imbalances that can lead to poor moods as well.

Stress Less by Keeping Your Life Balanced …..Pt 2

stressed bible verses

A very Important aspect of a Balanced Life is Faith, Now I am not here to debate over who’s Faith is right or Wrong, I happen to be Christian , You may be another religion but I do believe that for everyone there is a something bigger looking out for us. For me , It is the the Lord. My Spiritual Faith is very important in keeping my Life balanced in many ways, If I am not spiritually balanced I loose balance in my body and mind, so to me having my Faith fully nourished on a day to day, moment by moment renewing I would loose my whole balance in Life. Without Faith , I would not be able to function at all.

The Lord helps relieve Stress in so many ways that I had no idea of , but as I have learned through the years has helped me become the person I am today, and I am growing more and more each day into the person God wants me to be for him. It is all about the Lord, for I live for him, I live to Glorify his name and to speak his word to the next generations, that is what it is all about to me, Life has never been the same , it has become a beautiful Journey. I am not saying there isn’t struggles, I fully believe that God puts me into certain struggles so that I can keep my Faith growing and learn from each one, so that I can then help others. That is what struggles are all about, but you have to keep the Faith and Trust in the Lord during those struggles and issues in your Life and always remain Grateful and Thankful to the Lord no matter what is going on, for he always gives you a way out, he never leaves me, and I learn and go on to teach my mess into a message for someone else who may be experiencing the same struggle I may have experienced a year ago.

Sometimes I hear the Lord in different ways, I may not hear him in a audiable voice but I may hear him through his word and the peace I feel in my heart is when I know that is the answer for me, It is just a “Knowing ” in my spirit that the direction I am going is the right one. Sometimes the answers may come by a door closing but a window opening instead, there are many ways I hear the Lord but I have to have the communication in prayer open all the time to be able to hear from him and learn.

Learning through the Word of God to me, has relieved so much Stress in my life over the years, I used to be so overwhelmed every day of my Life, I did not understand that God was in control, I was the strong willed one and was going to be the one to fix my Life without God’s help and that just led to confusion and stress all day long. It have become so bad that I had to see a doctor for my anxiety and then I wasn’t eating properly and I felt horrible, I couldn’t concentrate, I couldn’t think properly , I was a mess. It was the Lord, and his Living Word that has become my strength to finally rely on him, not on my own understanding . I had to go to the Lord and just surrender it all to him, I had to submit myself and give it all to him, cast my cares as they say!!!! and that I did. It was not easy for I had grown up to rely on myself, for I had a very disfunctial life for a long time and I only had myself to rely on, and get through things, Oh, if I had only known about Jesus so much earlier in my Life but that is not how he wanted it, he called me by name when He was ready for me, and I answered and I accepted him into my heart and asked for forgiveness of my sins ….Wow, what a breaking point in my life that day, the Lord was now living within me. I didn’t realize at first what a powerful and amazing thing that was to have the Lord within me.

But you are not living the life of the flesh, you are living the life of the Spirit, if the [Holy] Spirit of God [really] dwells within you [directs and controls you]. But if anyone does not possess the [Holy] Spirit of Christ, he is none of His [he does not belong to Christ, is not truly a child of God].  Romans 8:9

That is one powerful Scripture, I am a child of God!!!!!  That right there just brings me relief , for I no longer have to go through anything by myself, I have the Lord with me and his Promises all the time, and that is one of the biggest stress relievers there is …..

Psalm 23 is packed with Stress Relief, and remember now, that you don’t just have to pray to be able to talk with God, you can talk to God just like your talking with a friend, I talk to God all day long. I ask him for Wisdom every moment for almost everything I do. It has become a norm for me now, and It feels good to be able to feel that Peace in my heart when I know that I have made the right decision on something , it may be something small or it may be a huge issue, but I always talk to him and ask for Wisdom.

God has taught me so much  in the renewing of my Mind daily. I now trust God with all my needs, I obey God’s instruction on Rest, I let God be my defender , I have learned to Grieve to Heal, I trust God to guide me, etc…..

The Lord has given me such Peace that the Joy has been risen in my life again, Stress had gone down….

psalm 23

Psalm 23

The Lord is my Shepard, I lack nothing.

He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my Soul.

He guides me along the right paths for his names sake

Even though I walk through the darkest valley

I will fear no Evil,

for you are with me.

your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.

You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.

Surely your goodness and love will follow me, all the days of my Life.

and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

That scripture is packed with words and Affirmations of Trust and Stress Relief from the One and Only Savior.

Finding and deepening your Faith can help in balancing your Life, without a deep Spiritual Connection then how are you supposed to Balance the other aspects of your life? Talk to God, and He will Listen, then you go on, and Trust and Feel that Peace come over you even in the hardest times of Life, You can feel the Peace from the Lord.  Just be…….and Listen!!!!!

Stress Less by Keeping your Life Balanced Pt.1


Do you feel in your LIFE right now that there is no end in sight, and no Hope for change in the situations that are pressing down hard in your Life today?  I can Truly relate to how your feeling, I have had some times in my Life where I thought I would never see the light at the end of the tunnel. There are so many people living today that are feeling completely “OVERWHELMED” with Life. You have to take the time to slow down and listen to your soul and your body, there are many things in your Life that you are doing or are going on around you that may be causing you undue stress. Since your Life is going at a such a fast pace , you don’t even think about the things that are causing it and you remain in that Stress state of life never actually considering that you just may have a Choice.

life balance

Let’s go back for  moment and and take a look at your Priorities in Life, that is a huge factor in your life and the Stress you endure on a day to day basis. Everyone is living in different seasons of their lives, so everyone’s priorities will be different to them. A huge cause off feeling overwhelmed and off balance is due to the fact that we are not living by our priorities. You may be living on Auto Pilot and just doing what is thrown at you or may be doing the things you are “supposed” to do imposed by families  and or the culture around you. To regain some control in your life , you must determine what your priorities are at this point in your Life You have to think about the activities your doing in your day, and figure out if this is something you choose or something that has just become a habit , does or do these activities get you where you want to be in Life, are they aiming towards your Goal, or are they taking you away from your Goal for your Life?  That right there is a Huge reason why you could be Overwhelmed and Stressed with Life, Your not running your Life with the Priorities that are most important to you in this season of your Life.  It is time to do some real soul searching to determine what your priorities are in your life. You need to pull your values list out as  well and refer to it as you choose your priorities . Defining your priorities is an important step in balancing your Life.

Here is a list of Values …..Pick about 20 of them, and then I will give you a list of Priorities that I would like you to put in order for for yourself to give you an accurate feeling of where you are in Life and what is most important to YOU right now in your Life.

ADVENTURE                  TO CATALYZE                 TO CONTRIBUTE                        TO RELATE

Risk                                       Impact                                          serve                                                   be connected

the unknown                       Move forward                              Improve                                             Part of a Community

Thrill                                    Touch                                            Argument                                          Family

Danger                                 Turn on                                         Assist                                                    To Unite

Gamble                                Unstick Others                          Endow                                                    To Nurture

Dare                                    Coach                                             Strengthen                                          To nurture

Endeavor                           Encourage                                     Minister to                                          Be Linked

Experiment                        Influence                                      Grant                                                    Be bonded

Venture                                Stimulate                                      Provide                                              Be With

BEAUTY                 PLEASURE           TO FEEL                         TO DISCOVER

Grace                          Have fun                    emote                                Learn

Refinement               Sensual                       To Experience                  Detect

Elegance                    Bliss                            Sense                                  Perceive

Attractiveness          Be Amused                  To Glow                            Realize

Readiance                  Be entertained           Be With                             Uncover/discern

Magnificence            Play Games                  Energy Flow                     Distinguish

taste                            sports                           in touch with                    Observe

TO CREATE                    MASTERY                                    TO LEAD                                  BE SENSITIVE

Design                                  Expert                                                Guide                                            Tenderness

Invent                                   Dominate field                                 Inspire                                          Touch

Synthesize                          Adept                                                   Influence                                      Perceived

Imagination                        Superiority                                      Cause/Arouse                               BE Present

Ingenuity                             Primacy                                              Enroll                                            empathize

Originality                           Preeminence                                    Reign                                              Support

Conceive                             Greatest                                              Govern                                           Show Compassoin

Plan                                     Best                                                     Rule                                                  See

Build                                    Outdo                                                 Persuade

Perfect                                Set standards                                    Encourage

Pick out about 15 to 20 of  these values that are most important to you and write them down.


Now check 6 to 8 things that are most important to you at this point in your Life……..

*raising well rounded children

*Close relationship with Spouse

*Close extended family

*health and well-being

*meaningful Work

*long term relationships

*supportive community

*creative pursuits

*travel and adventure

*financial freedom

*spiritual Life

*beautiful home enviroment

*recreation and fun

*community service

*personal growth

*giving to those in need

*time to relax

*being respected

*being self-employed

*being well-read


*spending time in Nature

*taking care of enviroment

Now you can add some of your own, please do your best and put them in order of importance, not all of them , maybe 6 to 8 of them, according to your own life.

These few exercises will give you a start on what is most important to you in your life right now, which will help you when you have to make those list of to-do’s and what you really have to get done, which is what is next……What and Who is controlling your schedule and or To-Do List!!!!

Now that you know what is most important to you right now in your life, it is time to line it up with what you are doing on a daily basis right now. Most people use some kind of to-do list, so lets take a look at your list and calendar. The list of activities and appt. , did you make the choice to add them? Do you have your child signed up for an organized activity?  Was that on your list of values or was quiet family evenings on your list of values?  Were you looking for an activity that your kids could to together? An activity they could bond together with and teach them self respect , then you have chosen a great activity , one that is in line with your values and priorities.

Then there are the responsibilities you have taken on without really thinking it over , and some of those are causing you overwhelm and stress, As a mom who has and is raising four children, you just can’t let them choose for themselves every activity that they want to do, or you will go completely crazy…..believe me!!!  You have to say no, it may sound selfish but you have to stick with what lines up with your priorities as a family and those you want for you kids as well and learn to say no once in a while. As far as your to-do list goes, are you putting down all the activities or are you letting others just put things on your plate to do as well, have you become the go-to person for all those around you?  I know I did, and it almost led me right into the hospital You can’t become everyone’s dumping ground. I was always one who wanted to help people out all the time , but after awhile it became too much and I just couldn’t keep up , I became Overwhelmed!!!!  I had to learn to say ” I am sorry, that is something I am not going to be able to get to” It certainly helped my Life become less stressful .

You have to learn to but the Shoulds in your life and daily activities. You may have things in your life right now because you feel that you should be doing them, Ask yourself “Why?  Why should I be doing this. if the answer is in line with your values and priorities , then maybe they need to be on your to-do list, if not then you need to remove them immediately or put steps in place to remove it from you life. Do what is important to you.

You need to gain balance in your life and to do that you need to gain balance and control over your to-do list. Start making conscious decisions about what you may be adding (or subtracting) from your Life.

Who is Controlling My To-Do List?   Not going to write out or draw the whole chart put put the baisics down for you and you can make chart from there and use it daily to see what you need to add or subtract from your Life, then I will follow up with next post on getting deeper into finding balance to your life thru Faith!!!! (extremely Important to achieving Balance in Your Life)

OK, first on your paper should be…...Task or Activity, draw a line down the paper and the next big block on top should be Necessary, then According to Priorities , then Someone else put on you, Can you stop doing,  Start Doing

OK that is all at the top of your paper with each one in bold in a box with lines going down page to list your activity and check off according to your Values and Priorities. This should help you clean up your to-do list with your values and what is important for you to be doing right now in your season of Life. Let’s start getting our Lives back in Balance , there is alot more to go but this should keep you busy for a bit………

Life Today is Stressful but with the Living Word in your Heart, You can Stress Less

Face it, in today’s time as I hear all the time, Today’s kids are just so….., In today’s World we have too much …….In today’s word there is to much technology…….etc!!!!  Really in today’s World it is virtually impossible to avoid STRESS!!!!  Everyone is carrying Stress to some degree or another, some are so over-stressed they can’t even survive in today’s World, that saddens me!!!  Today there are more remedies to reducing Stress, it has become a whole new Business in itself….Really, think about it, there is Self-Help Books, Massage Therapy geared and aimed for Stress, there is Stress Reduction through Meditation, there is e-courses, there are regular courses on how to deal with stress, and the list goes on and on!!!!!!  It is absolutely unbelievable how much is out there for people to try and reduce their STRESS and go back to what you would call the “Simple Life” What is the Simple Life?  Does anyone even know what the Simple Life is , what are you aiming for when you say “I just want to live the simple life with no stress?? but no one can seem to attain it. Many of us cry out like Job:…..” The Church inside me never stops ; days of suffering confront me. ( Job 30:27) The answer to is that you will never have a life that doesn’t come with trials and circumstances it it…….We have to go back to the Bible!!!  That is the Key to STRESS my friends.

I am one to say that I lived almost 20 years under huge amounts of stress, sometimes the stress got so bad I had actually thought about ending it all. That is sad , I had lost my Hope!!!  I had lived in what you would and my therapist called a Victim Mentality for almost 20 years , that is a long time, so my Changing of my mindset was not going to happen overnight. I stil feel I am a work in progress but I am very happy to say today , that I live a much happier, Stress Free life then I have ever lived before and it is only going to get better and do you know how and why……..How, because I am going to continue to read the word daily and impiment each of his words into my life, I am going to live for Jesus, be more Godly!!!! and Why, Simple …….because I love him and I want my relationship with God to grow more and more each day. There is a way to relieve, reduce and deal with your stress without having to spend tons of money with all this New Business of apparently helping people deal with their stress when all you have to do is open your Bible and start buidling that foundation with Christ now, read his Word, create your own personal relationship with him and see how much life becomes much easier to deal with, how much stress you will loose. If we only stressed and worried about the things that we have direct control over , we would reduce our stress and worrying by 90% ——that is Amazing, by going to the Lord , You can reduce the stress and maybe find that Simple Life you have been looking to attain.

Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take the yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart and you will find rest for you souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Matthew 11:28-30   I know so many people have heard and listened to that scripture but so many do not know how they can receive rest for their souls……First and Foremost, You need to Come to the Lord, It is the first thing you must do to be free of your stress and worry , for without him, your life has no real purpose!!!  We simply run from one activity to another seeking to fill our lives with Purpose, Peace and Happiness , and it doesn’t work, We work ourselves into a tizzy of stress for the things we desire , only to crave more.

If we do not know our Purpose in Life , our true meaning of existence , Life is very meaningless, Yet God created each of us with a special purpose that only your one unique self can do. Much of the Stress comes from not knowing who we are or where we are going. We are all going to go through tribulations in Life, it is unavoidable, but how we react to our trials is the real issue here ….that is where Stress is born, The trials will either break us or make us stronger!!!  Which way would you like to go?

Are you building your relationship ( the foundation of your Life ) are you going to the Lord daily? Is your Salvation based on a prayer you prayed once or is it growing out of a committed relationship to Him?  You need to NOT conform to the World and its pattern, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind , then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is -His good, pleasing and perfect Will.

Until you have fully committed yourself to the Lord, until your foundation is deep into the Lord , you will never be able to discern what his His Perfect will is for your Life. Who we are under pressure reveals who we really are, the Storms of life wash away the what is really around us and we present to the world and expose what lies in our Hearts. God allows the storms to hit us, so we will turn to him in our times of trouble and be cleansed of the sin that we never able to perceive in times of ease. Again, the times and trials in our Life will either soften our hearts and make us full of faith or make us angry and brittle , full of doubt and unbelief…..Causing Stress to come alive.

When it comes right down to the nitty-gritty …..there are two motivating factors in life;…Fear or Faith!!!  All Fear and Stress/Worry is a form of Fear which stems in a lack of Faith in God. Stress arises when we try to serve Fear and God at the same time, ( which is Impossible) “Unless the Lord builds the house, it’s builders labor in vain…..In vain you rise early and stay up late , toiling for food to eat. Psalm 27; 1-2

The only way to rid our anxieties (stress/worry) is to look them right in the eye and deal with them right at the root. We may not want to face some of those things that are in us, but we must if we are to ever be free of them. If we are not merciless with our sins it will be merciless on us. It will keep us from an intimate relationship with the Lord. It is extraordinary what tremendous power there is in even the littlest of things to distract us from God, We must stand our ground , and refuse to to let the thorns of this world ruin us and take the Word of the Lord from us. The devil know what distracts us with all the cares of this world and we will never be a threat to him or fulfill the call that is on each of our lives if we keep letting the devil distract us from God.  We will never bear any fruit for the Kingdom of God.

Isn’t it wonderful that the only thing that cannot ever be taken from us , is the only  thing we really need anyway?  Chose to sit at the Lord’s feet and listen to his words and learn from him. “ You are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed . Choose what is better and it will not be taken from you. Luke 10 41-42  Take the Lords word and put them into daily practice, spend everyday with the Lord putting a deposit of true riches into your heart.

God has blessed us with a most powerful tool; his living Word, the Bible. It can be your spiritual sword, separating our faith from our fear……Stress merely indicates an area of our life where our flesh is still on the throne. The Life that is totally submitted to God is marked by the trust born out of a thankful and grateful Heart.