Can’t Beat them Join Them……

Let’s Celebrate Winter instead of complaining about it…….come on folks.

Some ideas to get you and keep you busy in the Winter, Snacks, why not make from scratch with family (Just like they did years ago) Get some Inspiration from online….Plenty of Healthy homemade snack sites such as

Challenge a family member to make a Snow Angel………snow2520angel

Catch snowflakes on dark fabric and place in the freezer for 10 minutes and analyze with a magnifying glass.

Learn a new snow activity that starts with the letter S but it cant be skating, sledding, snowboarding, or skiing…..good luck!!!!!!

Search or animal tracks in the snow and see where they lead you but be careful of the Polar Bears lol

Have a Cookie decorating party with all white cookies just like snow….

Celebrate Winter Solstice –the darkest day of the year on the 22nd of January and maybe have dinner over candlelight.

Can’t forget the Ultimate Snowball Fights, they should keep you busy for a while!!!!! Have a Blast with that.

Donate old coats that no one wears anymore to kids or adults who don’t have any coats to keep them warm this winter, what a great idea and it teaches your kids about giving to others in need….Win Win!!!!

Join NetFlix, since you may be in the house more then usual, try it out…..check it out at

The Ultimate Snow days off from school, Stay in your PJ’s all day and just hang out at home and do whatever ……play board games, drink hot cocoa, watch movies, just relax!!!!!

When snow days are over—get back out there and take a walk with your family and enjoy that cold crisp air on your faces. Great way to hang out together and just catch up.

Experiment in the kitchen and try a new soup or chili recipe…that should be good!!!!!

The Ultimate make a Snow Fort!!!!! That is a Winter Must.snow-fort-21

snow fort

and of course how could we get thru the Winter Snow without building the Ultimate Snowman!!!!!! snowman-top630

I hope that you enjoy your Winter Snow days, don’t complain about it being cold, just enjoy it because before you know it, it will be spring then summer and we will be complaining its too hot out…..are you seeing a pattern here. WE are always complaining instead of just enjoying the season and time we are in right now in the present moments of our lives. Live them, Enjoy them, take tons of pictures and remember them.


Stress Less by Keeping your Life Balanced Pt.1


Do you feel in your LIFE right now that there is no end in sight, and no Hope for change in the situations that are pressing down hard in your Life today?  I can Truly relate to how your feeling, I have had some times in my Life where I thought I would never see the light at the end of the tunnel. There are so many people living today that are feeling completely “OVERWHELMED” with Life. You have to take the time to slow down and listen to your soul and your body, there are many things in your Life that you are doing or are going on around you that may be causing you undue stress. Since your Life is going at a such a fast pace , you don’t even think about the things that are causing it and you remain in that Stress state of life never actually considering that you just may have a Choice.

life balance

Let’s go back for  moment and and take a look at your Priorities in Life, that is a huge factor in your life and the Stress you endure on a day to day basis. Everyone is living in different seasons of their lives, so everyone’s priorities will be different to them. A huge cause off feeling overwhelmed and off balance is due to the fact that we are not living by our priorities. You may be living on Auto Pilot and just doing what is thrown at you or may be doing the things you are “supposed” to do imposed by families  and or the culture around you. To regain some control in your life , you must determine what your priorities are at this point in your Life You have to think about the activities your doing in your day, and figure out if this is something you choose or something that has just become a habit , does or do these activities get you where you want to be in Life, are they aiming towards your Goal, or are they taking you away from your Goal for your Life?  That right there is a Huge reason why you could be Overwhelmed and Stressed with Life, Your not running your Life with the Priorities that are most important to you in this season of your Life.  It is time to do some real soul searching to determine what your priorities are in your life. You need to pull your values list out as  well and refer to it as you choose your priorities . Defining your priorities is an important step in balancing your Life.

Here is a list of Values …..Pick about 20 of them, and then I will give you a list of Priorities that I would like you to put in order for for yourself to give you an accurate feeling of where you are in Life and what is most important to YOU right now in your Life.

ADVENTURE                  TO CATALYZE                 TO CONTRIBUTE                        TO RELATE

Risk                                       Impact                                          serve                                                   be connected

the unknown                       Move forward                              Improve                                             Part of a Community

Thrill                                    Touch                                            Argument                                          Family

Danger                                 Turn on                                         Assist                                                    To Unite

Gamble                                Unstick Others                          Endow                                                    To Nurture

Dare                                    Coach                                             Strengthen                                          To nurture

Endeavor                           Encourage                                     Minister to                                          Be Linked

Experiment                        Influence                                      Grant                                                    Be bonded

Venture                                Stimulate                                      Provide                                              Be With

BEAUTY                 PLEASURE           TO FEEL                         TO DISCOVER

Grace                          Have fun                    emote                                Learn

Refinement               Sensual                       To Experience                  Detect

Elegance                    Bliss                            Sense                                  Perceive

Attractiveness          Be Amused                  To Glow                            Realize

Readiance                  Be entertained           Be With                             Uncover/discern

Magnificence            Play Games                  Energy Flow                     Distinguish

taste                            sports                           in touch with                    Observe

TO CREATE                    MASTERY                                    TO LEAD                                  BE SENSITIVE

Design                                  Expert                                                Guide                                            Tenderness

Invent                                   Dominate field                                 Inspire                                          Touch

Synthesize                          Adept                                                   Influence                                      Perceived

Imagination                        Superiority                                      Cause/Arouse                               BE Present

Ingenuity                             Primacy                                              Enroll                                            empathize

Originality                           Preeminence                                    Reign                                              Support

Conceive                             Greatest                                              Govern                                           Show Compassoin

Plan                                     Best                                                     Rule                                                  See

Build                                    Outdo                                                 Persuade

Perfect                                Set standards                                    Encourage

Pick out about 15 to 20 of  these values that are most important to you and write them down.


Now check 6 to 8 things that are most important to you at this point in your Life……..

*raising well rounded children

*Close relationship with Spouse

*Close extended family

*health and well-being

*meaningful Work

*long term relationships

*supportive community

*creative pursuits

*travel and adventure

*financial freedom

*spiritual Life

*beautiful home enviroment

*recreation and fun

*community service

*personal growth

*giving to those in need

*time to relax

*being respected

*being self-employed

*being well-read


*spending time in Nature

*taking care of enviroment

Now you can add some of your own, please do your best and put them in order of importance, not all of them , maybe 6 to 8 of them, according to your own life.

These few exercises will give you a start on what is most important to you in your life right now, which will help you when you have to make those list of to-do’s and what you really have to get done, which is what is next……What and Who is controlling your schedule and or To-Do List!!!!

Now that you know what is most important to you right now in your life, it is time to line it up with what you are doing on a daily basis right now. Most people use some kind of to-do list, so lets take a look at your list and calendar. The list of activities and appt. , did you make the choice to add them? Do you have your child signed up for an organized activity?  Was that on your list of values or was quiet family evenings on your list of values?  Were you looking for an activity that your kids could to together? An activity they could bond together with and teach them self respect , then you have chosen a great activity , one that is in line with your values and priorities.

Then there are the responsibilities you have taken on without really thinking it over , and some of those are causing you overwhelm and stress, As a mom who has and is raising four children, you just can’t let them choose for themselves every activity that they want to do, or you will go completely crazy…..believe me!!!  You have to say no, it may sound selfish but you have to stick with what lines up with your priorities as a family and those you want for you kids as well and learn to say no once in a while. As far as your to-do list goes, are you putting down all the activities or are you letting others just put things on your plate to do as well, have you become the go-to person for all those around you?  I know I did, and it almost led me right into the hospital You can’t become everyone’s dumping ground. I was always one who wanted to help people out all the time , but after awhile it became too much and I just couldn’t keep up , I became Overwhelmed!!!!  I had to learn to say ” I am sorry, that is something I am not going to be able to get to” It certainly helped my Life become less stressful .

You have to learn to but the Shoulds in your life and daily activities. You may have things in your life right now because you feel that you should be doing them, Ask yourself “Why?  Why should I be doing this. if the answer is in line with your values and priorities , then maybe they need to be on your to-do list, if not then you need to remove them immediately or put steps in place to remove it from you life. Do what is important to you.

You need to gain balance in your life and to do that you need to gain balance and control over your to-do list. Start making conscious decisions about what you may be adding (or subtracting) from your Life.

Who is Controlling My To-Do List?   Not going to write out or draw the whole chart put put the baisics down for you and you can make chart from there and use it daily to see what you need to add or subtract from your Life, then I will follow up with next post on getting deeper into finding balance to your life thru Faith!!!! (extremely Important to achieving Balance in Your Life)

OK, first on your paper should be…...Task or Activity, draw a line down the paper and the next big block on top should be Necessary, then According to Priorities , then Someone else put on you, Can you stop doing,  Start Doing

OK that is all at the top of your paper with each one in bold in a box with lines going down page to list your activity and check off according to your Values and Priorities. This should help you clean up your to-do list with your values and what is important for you to be doing right now in your season of Life. Let’s start getting our Lives back in Balance , there is alot more to go but this should keep you busy for a bit………

Life Balance, What does it Take to Achieve?

Ever Wonder what it would take to Achieve Life Balance?  Well I know this might come as a shock to you and many others , but you are not perfect. I know, It’s  Mind Blowing isn’t it??  Perfection means you will always be able to go to your son’s soccer game and still make that Business meeting , You will always be able to work out faithfully , even when you house needs cleaning and laundry is piled up hig. You’ll always have to take your elderly mom shopping even though you have a list of things on your to-do list that just never seems to end.

balance is the key to lifeNo, You are not perfect. So you’re not always going to do everything you think you need to do. And that is OK, Keeping your life in balance isn’t you striving for a level of perfection you’ll never attain. Rather, living a Balanced Life is having a grasp on your deep down priorities and values and doing those things that are most important to you.

Here are my Top 10 Questions to use as your first Steps to Gaining Life Balance:

1.  Take time to Discover your True Values. Think about what you value the most. What are the things that drive you? What things in Your life are you most passionate about?

2.  What are the things you are currently doing that are not adding one bit of value to your life? What activities are you doing that have long ago run their course?   What would happen if you eliminated some of these useless things?

3.  Who are the people in your life who are energy drainers? Who are the life affirmers?  How would spending lesstime with the former and more time with the latter change things for you?

4.  When you wake up in the morning , what thoughts come into your mind? Are they positive or negative? What would happen if you refused any negative thoughts for an entire day? An entire Week?

5.  What is one positive thing you can say about yourself that you can repeat over and over? How do you think this might impact your day? Your Week? Your month?

6..What is one positive thing you can do for yourself that will make you feel good about yourself? What would happen if you did this thing over and over until it becomes a habit? How would it change how you feel about you?

7.  How is your body feeling? Is it physically fit or is it ready for a makeover? What would happen if you made the decision to take just a baby step and go for a walk? What would happen if you took this baby step every day?

8.  How is your current relationship with your spouse? Does it bring you joy or is it a source of stress? What is one thing you could do to make it just a little better? How would that tiny change make a difference?

9.  What is the status of your family relationships? If you were rating them, how would they fare? What is something you could do to give them a better rating?  How would that help you feel better and more in balance?

10.  What is the thing you like most about your Job? How does your current job fit into your true values? What changes can you make to make it fit better? How will those changes help you go forward?


Yes, there are lots of things to consider, and Yes, there are lots of things you can do to help yourself find Life Balance. Now you have a place to start.