Dealing with Difficult People

Dealing with difficult people can be one of Life’s toughest problems. The biggest thing to consider is that you have the power to control your own emotions. Often times difficult people try to wrap you up in their drama. The old saying “Misery Loves Company” rings true.


At times it happens that a difficult co-worker creates problems for you while at work, it could be something like doing things his own way without even asking you that whether you are comfortable or not. There are different kinds of difficult people and all of them are not easy to deal with. These people not only make the environment tough but also disturb others by performing such acts that are difficult to cope with under normal circumstance. It is sometimes very hard to make these people realize that what they are doing is wrong. Different types of  people have different set of tendencies and they can change it with the passage of time as human psychology is full of possibilities and can do wonders when it comes to behavior and making other friends. The simple rule of law in this regard is that a person you cannot deal in a positive way is a difficult person and all of us come across this kind on a daily basis. It is also to be noted that psychology sometimes derives such rules or laws that tare far from reality or actuality. It is also worth mentioning that all sorts of difficult and hard tendencies can be found in the people who are our friends , relatives or even loved ones. These could a negative imaged friend , aggressive boss , a complainer , a yes boss personality which could be also be a called as super agreeable , a person considering himself a jack of all trades  when actually he knows nothing, a person having negative thought or pessimist and the most peril types is the one who fears in making decision especially thinking that someone would be unhappy.  I will now present seven of the most wanted and workable tips that would not only make your life easier but will also allow you to deal with all kinds of people.


Make sure your not one of them…….

Weird but a real phenomenon , most of us are never ready to accept that we are a difficult personality and always believe in the wrong fact that we always create possibilities for others to come forward without any issue but actually we never do so. Our attitude and the patience should be such that it demonstrates the highest level of patience and satisfaction from the opposite side. These are the factors that decide our personality and comfort level with others. Corporate or the the business world is a place that has no emotion and feelings so people are never concerned about the personal problems. To  be successful in all walks of life you should have a welcoming attitude for others.


Listen to the issues carefully……

It is one of the most important factors that lead to resistance from the opposite side and eventually makes a person difficult to deal. People often think that they are not understood by the others and they are not aware of the issues of the problems that are being faced. The best way to make them feel that the information they are giving is correct , however it is advised to validate the information before moving ahead. It is most suitable and easy way to deal with all sorts of difficult people.


Firm Attitude……

Difficult people always misunderstand the facts, procedures, and policies, this sort of situation is never helpful under and circumstances and always leads to disagreement and stern opposition when satisfaction level is not met. In this situation it is always advised to let them know the facts in a kind and polite way , this would not only clear the ambiguities but will also build their confidence . The truth is always better then a promise that is never fulfilled or any other excuse in this regard.


Never Resist…….

It is an established fact that resisting the boss , employee or co-workers is never liked by the organization. It is proven law of human psychology that people tend to resist more when they face resistance themselves. In case of difficult people the situation or the scenario could be even more complex and difficult . It is advised to never show resistance of any kind while dealing with  these people. Always listen to the point of view of others and make them realize that you are the one with a solution. It will not only strengthen the bond but will also allow you proceed in a calm and friendly manner.


Don’t Be Silent……

This type of situation makes a person think that you are not interested in what is being said, It could also be called a type of resistance that makes people uncomfortable . Acknowledgement is what people always want to have and if you nod your head yes then it makes them feel that they are at the right place to explain the issue. If silence is not broken then a common conclusion is never attained an neither of the parties will accept the point of view of  the other.


Know the Results….

While dealing with other people know what the outcome would be and try to convince them in a calm manner. If the results are known  then 50% resolution has been attained without any issue. The art of letting them know will also make it possible to resolve the remaining 50% . Validation in a positive way will never make them feel that there is no resolution and the discussion was worthless.


Utter facts and make them believe in them…..

Difficult people are 90% negative and often use the word never or it is never possible. In order to deal with this negativity it is always required to continue a fact based discussion and also make it possible for them to switch. Make them realize that use of the extreme terms will never resolve the issue. It is also recommended to know the issue before hand so that you can help yourself in gathering the required information.