Can’t Beat them Join Them……

Let’s Celebrate Winter instead of complaining about it…….come on folks.

Some ideas to get you and keep you busy in the Winter, Snacks, why not make from scratch with family (Just like they did years ago) Get some Inspiration from online….Plenty of Healthy homemade snack sites such as

Challenge a family member to make a Snow Angel………snow2520angel

Catch snowflakes on dark fabric and place in the freezer for 10 minutes and analyze with a magnifying glass.

Learn a new snow activity that starts with the letter S but it cant be skating, sledding, snowboarding, or skiing…..good luck!!!!!!

Search or animal tracks in the snow and see where they lead you but be careful of the Polar Bears lol

Have a Cookie decorating party with all white cookies just like snow….

Celebrate Winter Solstice –the darkest day of the year on the 22nd of January and maybe have dinner over candlelight.

Can’t forget the Ultimate Snowball Fights, they should keep you busy for a while!!!!! Have a Blast with that.

Donate old coats that no one wears anymore to kids or adults who don’t have any coats to keep them warm this winter, what a great idea and it teaches your kids about giving to others in need….Win Win!!!!

Join NetFlix, since you may be in the house more then usual, try it out…..check it out at

The Ultimate Snow days off from school, Stay in your PJ’s all day and just hang out at home and do whatever ……play board games, drink hot cocoa, watch movies, just relax!!!!!

When snow days are over—get back out there and take a walk with your family and enjoy that cold crisp air on your faces. Great way to hang out together and just catch up.

Experiment in the kitchen and try a new soup or chili recipe…that should be good!!!!!

The Ultimate make a Snow Fort!!!!! That is a Winter Must.snow-fort-21

snow fort

and of course how could we get thru the Winter Snow without building the Ultimate Snowman!!!!!! snowman-top630

I hope that you enjoy your Winter Snow days, don’t complain about it being cold, just enjoy it because before you know it, it will be spring then summer and we will be complaining its too hot out…..are you seeing a pattern here. WE are always complaining instead of just enjoying the season and time we are in right now in the present moments of our lives. Live them, Enjoy them, take tons of pictures and remember them.